1-Barbara Cevallos

2-Bennett Bennett 

3-Gerardine Peralta 

4-Biannette Camilo 

5-Madeline Diaz 

6-Shamalee Delacruz 

7-Farah Noel 

8-Alex Wyles 

9-Hervey Lamothe 

10-Arceny Castillo 

11- Elizabeth Stepanoff 

12- Areta Gjicali 

13- Joanna Ventour

14- Cadine Kenton 

15- Ana Velazquez 

16- Sabrina Chowdhury 

17- Elisa Cavaliere 

18- Danielle Dookie 

19- Abdoul K. Macalou 

20-Daniela Mejia 

21- Colin McIntyre 

22- Nicole Celea 

23- Julian Robinson 

24- Zulay Santana 

25- Paul Dedewo 

26- Indu Ennacheril 

27- Laura Bordas 

28- Sharmin Rashed 

29- Cheryl Minaya 

30-Howard Millington-Lee 
This list was posted earlier by Professor Blumenkrantz on the MCA Facebook Page.
 He also said that he would be emailing the winners with additional information on the free passes. Congrats again to all our winners and we look forward to seeing you all at Advertising Week!

Sep 24 -
The Winners of The Free Advertising Week Passes Are …

The City College of New York (CCNY's) chapter of the American Advertising Federation: Student Edition. Welcome and Contact Us If Necessary.